Health confidence 3.0 (featuring Kaila!)

New marking period means a new project! But this is the last one😪. That’s right y’all, Health Confidence 3.0 will be the last part of my Health Confidence series. This time I have a partner, Kaila. 

Our driving question is “How can we influence people to change their opinion about themselves?”

Our “Why” is because helping people maintain a positive opinion of themselves is extremely important to their personal health. 

2nd 6 Weeks Reflection

This is the end of Health Confidence 2.0. My biggest takeaway from this project was that it’s okay to change your mind. My biggest strength for this project was my evidence of learning. In my shorts amount of time, I was able to gather enough information to go on a strict vegan diet and know what to do to maintain it. What I can do to improve my project for the next six weeks is do my annotated bibliography correctly. 

Final Reflection


I thought this picture was an absolutely adorable representation of my happiness for this project to be over.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second I spent learning new things  about being vegan. I thought it was fun finding alternatives to certain foods (chickpeas instead of tuna? Coconut instead of bacon? Mind-blowing).I also love the way that it makes me feel. I feel cleansed and healthy which is an amazing feeling to have. However, this diet is not for me. I would rather stick to my original diet of eating good, wholesome foods with some meats and dairy instead of cutting it all out completely.

For anyone out there who leads a completely vegan lifestyle, more power to you. I have a new respect for you. This is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of dedication to maintain this diet so you all are some strong people. It’s just not something I’d be able to do all the time.



I’m having Chicken Nugget Withdrawals (Day 8- The end)


I guess it’s true what people say, you never know what you have until it’s gone. I am now coming to the realization of how much I took chicken nuggets, burgers, and pizza for granted. I wasn’t big on indulging in the greasy delicacies too much before but I always had the option. If I wanted to have a junk food day, I could afford to do so with endless possibilities. It’s different being vegan though because nothing that’s vegan is really “unhealthy”. It all tastes super good and makes my insides feel golden. Which is good and all but I think I somewhat miss that stomach-sinking feeling after I had a good, fattening meal. Is that weird?


Day 8- I was in Washington and nowhere near my stocked food pantry so I had to get creative. Luckily, my grandma keeps fresh vegetables and vegetable broth in her cabinet leaving me to buy just one thing- rice noodles. From all these ingredients, I managed to make a really good vegetable pho soup-like situation. I’m pretty sure my spare of the moment recipe was far from traditional but it tasted good so I’m not complaining. For breakfast I had fruit and for lunch I just had a chickpea-salad salad (I meant to put the word twice.)

Day 9- most of my day today was spent snacking. I woke up and had some banana nice cream for breakfast, leftover pho for lunch, and a cold cucumber-tomato pasta for dinner that I prepared earlier from some pre-sliced veggies my grandma already had in her fridge. Other that, I drank water and juice and snacked on potato chips and sunflower seeds all day.

In the Swing of Things (Day 4-7)



I was telling my grandmother how eating vegan was not nearly as much of a challenge as I thought it would be. Her response was saying in a sing-songy voice, “You’re finally getting in the swing of things.” I thought it was a cute thing to say, so I put it as my title. Anyways. Let’s look at what happened these past few days.

Day 4- It was my day to cook at the house! So, I decided to make a vegan chili. It was so good that no one even thought it was vegan until I said it was. I used the meat from a few morning star veggie burgers and then the regular ingredients you use for chili and a slew of vegetables. It took about 3 hours to cook but it was for sure worth the wait.

Day 5- I had a tummy ache again thanks to my new diet but a cup of peppermint tea with a teaspoon of sugar fixed that. I wasn’t feeling too great so I ate super light. Oatmeal with brown sugar for breakfast, a salad for lunch, kettle chips for a snack, and leftover chili for dinner.

Day 6- I had a smoothie with strawberries, bananas, and oat milk. It was very filling. I had chips and salsa for lunch and for dinner I just had a morning star burger with regular fixings inside a lettuce wrap instead of a bun.

Day 7- Unfortunately this day I had a bit of an emergency. I maintained my diet but it mostly consisted of light food and leftovers with a ton of water.

Dairy. Is. Everywhere. (Day 1-3)


I never knew how prevalent animal products were in foods until I had to check the ingredients on the things I bought. Not just with food, but with EVERYTHING I bought.

Day 1 was my cleanse. I threw out or gave away everything that had animal ingredients with the exception of the things that my family used as well. I had to do some research on the ingredients that I wasn’t sure about and 9 times out 10, it was an ingredient that came from an animal. Though I realized how difficult eating would be, I wasn’t prepared to give up.

lemon water

Day 2 started off amazing. I woke up to a glass of lemon water and fruit for breakfast. For lunch I had a salad packed with veggies and apple cider vinegar for my dressing. My dinner was a vegan burrito. Everything was perfect. . . until about 8 pm. My stomach felt like Mike Tyson was using it as a punching bag. I’m not an unhealthy eater by any means but I do rely on dairy for my source of calcium. I normally drink about three 8-ounce glasses of whole milk everyday on top of whatever else has dairy in it (I love yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese with fruits for dessert, ice cream, etc. It’s an addiction). So I don’t know if I was having withdrawals or if my body was in shock but on the night of Day 2, the toilet was my best friend (is that TMI?).

oat milk

Day 3 was pretty good. I had my usual water and breakfast of water and fruit. I ate a lunch of Caribbean beans and Rice for lunch and I had a Chipotle Sofrita bowl for dinner (their vegan option that was actually pretty great).  When I got home on Day 3, I made some homemade oat milk! It was super satisfying being able to make my own stuff and it tasted amazing. I put the milk inside of a mason jar initially but it ended up being a bit dangerous for my little sister, so I transferred it to an empty milk carton.

Also! The pulp leftover from making the oat milk makes for really nice breakfast if you heat it up with cinnamon and brown sugar.

10 days a Vegan


So, I had to choose to do a project that would not only educate me, but would be effective and would be something I do in my everyday life. So for 10 days, I decided to go vegan.

The decision was spare of the moment, but the as soon as I decided that was what I wanted to do, I started it immediately. No questions or mental preparation. I went vegan, cold turkey (definite pun intended).  I didn’t even eat the lunch I had packed because it had meat in it. I knew that it would be difficult, but I was prepared to make an impact. That’s what these next few blog posts are about.

I need to Re-evaluate … EVERYTHING



After four weeks of very long research and dedication, I have decided to change my passion project.

Except I didn’t do that much research and honestly, I wasn’t that dedicated. For legitimate reasons that I will be explaining.

  1. Participants- So the plan for this marking period was to have 6 people with different levels of confidence and who were all diverse to fill out a survey to participate in my experiment. The creation of the survey, finding people willing to participate, and getting the surveys back to me in itself took TWO AND A HALF WEEKS. Yep, almost 50% of the time allotted to me to finish the project was spent trying to get the project started.
  2. Scheduling- So, in case this wasn’t already obvious, I am a human being with a life that includes more than one activity. Shocking, I know. However, because of this factor it was really hard to schedule a meet-up time that was not only convenient for everyone within my experiment but for myself as well. But, in order for me to conduct my experiment I needed EVERYONE to be at our meetups.
  3. Motivation- Self confidence and health are two things that means a lot to me. So of course I was happy as can be to help other people excel in the things that I am passionate about. However, getting my participants motivated was not so easy. I provided incentives, I maintained a group chat to keep them all involved, I had one-on-one conversations with each person so that I could personalize exercises based off of their personal insecurities or lack thereof. I EVEN BOUGHT SNACKS FOR GROUP CIRCLES THAT NEVER HAPPENED!

There was a few more factors that caused this idea to fail, but these were the main ones. However, I am sure that I will bounce back and create a project that will still be good with the 11 Days I have left.


Health Confidence 2.0

A new 6 weeks means a new project! Well, not entirely too new because I’m just doing a continuation of Health Confidence. I’m going to make Health Confidence take on the angle of mental health and self esteem. My plan is to get together a group of people who are relatively self conscious and see if through certain games, team building exercises and some meditation it will change their perspectives of themselves. I’m looking forward to see the results:

The End☺️ (of this 6weeks)

So this is the end of this 6 weeks projects. I will be doing a continuation of Health Confidence but from a different perspective. This part was only 1/3 of my project.

 Above is a photo of my rubric for this 6 weeks. The best part of the rubric for me was definitely the Presentation Delivery. I worked very hard practicing my pitch and at the end of each group, the audience usually didn’t have questions. Not because they were uninterested but because I explained the project so thoroughly that their questions were usually already answered.

The worst part of the rubric as probably the evidence of learning. My project did include a lot of details and statistics and was very informative. However, I’d say about 75% of my project’s information was definitely from prior knowledge because healthy eating is such a big part of my life.

What I would like to improve about my project is definitely my product. The poster board was not as organized as I’d like it to be. I can definitely do better and for my next project I will spend more time preparing my product. 

Kinda simple, Kinda complicated 

My grandma used to always tell me that just because things don’t go as planned, doesn’t mean that they didn’t go right. That quote didn’t really apply to my life until this project. I did so much planning and preparation for the project that it was more stressful in the beginning than fun. However, as the week passed and I got with the rhythm of everything, the project became more of a stress relief. It was fun maintaining a group chat with all of my participants, encouraging them to eat healthy and do better in their lives. I loved being able to answer questions and just be available to assist them. No, I didn’t meet all of my goals and no, the project didn’t turned out as I planned. I really regret stressing beforehand and I wish I had done better preparation. But aside from all of that stuff, I have definitely learned a lot about myself. I learned how much of a people person I am, I learned just how important the maintenance of personal health is, and I also learned that even though things might not go my way, they will always workout as long as I’ve given it 100% effort. If nothing else comes out of this project, I’m glad some self discovery did.

The Start of Something New

What time is it?

Project time!

Notice my two high school musical references.

But anyways, today was day 1 of Project Health Confidence. Above is a picture of my subjects. Kajuan Supell, Kaila Wise, and Paula Elks.

For the first day, my subjects are following the specific guidelines of their brand new diets. The main goal of their diet plans is to give them alternatives to their unhealthy guilty pleasures and give them easy yet very tasty recipes that are also healthy so that they enjoy the food their eating. By following these recipes, I am hoping that by the end of this trial, that I see a difference in their energy, their attitude, but most importantly their happiness. I feel we are off to a great start and I’m praying that it stays that way.